• Solo Ryder Auto fem.
The backbone of Sagarmatha autoflowering program Solo ryder is the main contributor to the autoflowering phenomenon. A jewel in her pure form and a dream                 plant in crosses the lowryder sequencing has transformed sensimillia production and proliferation. Because of the super fast growing schedule Soloryder is perfect for early cropping both indoors and especially outdoors. 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest is the predicted time frame for success. Closet and clandestine grows are best suited for Soloryder and her sisters. Being first to market can be a plus when getting the big bucks. This money maker will let you cash in before the other types even begin to flower if planted early enough in the outdoor season. Good for beginners and anyone interested in accelerated grows.
Подробные характеристики
Феминизированные Да
Тип цветения Автоцветущие
Цветение, недель 6-7
Содержание ТГК, %
Урожайность, г/м2
Высота растения, см Низкая, 50-70
Среда выращивания Помещение, Теплица, Открытый воздух
Содержание КБД, %
Устойчивость к плесени
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Solo Ryder Auto fem.

  • Производитель: Sagarmatha Seeds
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 3060 руб

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Solo Ryder Auto fem